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Boutique Sri Lanka – A holiday romance which lasted!

Founder’s story... - Lindsay Howard

After a 15-year stint in her career as a marketing consultant in the UK, Lindsay visited Sri Lanka, on a well-earned holiday. She immediately fell in love with the paradise island and Boutique Sri Lanka was born as a result.

Having spent her time in Sri Lanka, living and travelling extensively around the island, she, along with a few others who shared her interest, passion and insider knowledge came together to form Boutique Sri Lanka.

After successfully running the company and serving customers in planning the perfect holiday to Sri Lanka over 15 years, Lindsay chose to pursue different life goals and retire from the travel industry. She was in the look out to handover the ownership of BSL to someone who shared the same passion. That’s when she met with Dev.

A new owner takes over... – Dev Kariyawasam

Dev, a Sri Lanka-phile, a maestro in Destination Management with a passion of holiday planning and love for Sri Lanka takes over BSL.

Dev, being a local is well versed in Sri Lanka’s eye-catching, fascinating destinations. He has worked for leading Destination Management Companies around the world for over 18 years and is an expert in planning bespoke holidays for travellers across the globe. Having studied and lived in France, he is a Francophone, and has specialised in serving customers from Europe, Australia and Americas. Workaholic as he may seem, Dev very much enjoys travelling with his loved ones to the finest locations in Sri Lanka, scuba diving, sun, sea and sand.

Our team on the ground

Doris has been the ground handler for Boutique Sri Lanka since its inception in 2004. 40 years in the travel Industry of which 25 years with a leading destination management company. Doris is a well-known name in the travel community due to her wealth of knowledge about Sri Lanka and expertise.  She absolutely loves doing what she does and hardly takes a holiday. When she does, she spends every minute of the holiday in the US with her only grandson.  

Chamila has just completed a decade with Boutique Sri Lanka  and 14 year in the travel industry. She is Ms know-it-all when it comes to Sri Lanka holidays. Usually the first point of contact at Boutique Sri Lanka, our clients love her due to her efficiency and professionalism. In her free time, Chamila cooks for her family and friends, travels around the island to explore new experiences to share with our clients.   

Rushanthi is the latest addition to the Boutique Sri Lanka team although she has 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She absolutely loves planning holidays and is an integral part of the team.

Well, that’s enough about us, let’s get started with how we could help you have the most memorable travel experience, with our expertise.

How we guarantee your stay to be true bliss...

We have met the owners, slept in their beds, watched the sunset on the verandahs – and then removed our “rose-tinted glasses” to prepare an honest review.

Many locations have unique features – the breath-taking scenery, accommodation in tree houses, the opulence of private villas- even private islands- or simply the graciousness of the hosts and their fascinating history. No soulless large hotels with serried rows of sun loungers here.

Our reviews are constantly updated as we travel back and forth, and our secure website allows you to book on-line at exactly the same price as if you had contacted the hotel directly. When planning an itinerary for a multi-destination holiday our local knowledge can often result in considerable savings on commercial tour operators, let alone planning time. There are no hidden costs involved with bookings with Boutique Sri Lanka.

Our personal inspections have enabled us to find the best, the most unusual, most interesting places to stay and visit - few of which you will find in any holiday brochure. Our clients are as varied as our hotels and have differing needs and expectations, from the eco-warrior to the sybarite. Our yardstick is our own experience and if we were satisfied, we hope you will be too.

Occasional photography throughout the site has been supplied by experienced photographers. Special thanks should go to Dominic Sansoni, Vajira Wijegunawardene, Valerie Paey, Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne and Palitha Antony.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.



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Public holidays:
Virtually all countries have public holidays, religious or otherwise. These may disrupt your holiday temporarily and some religious holidays in Muslim countries may result in a reduction of facilities and entertainment. Others may result in traffic congestion, closure of shops, restaurants and other facilities. This should be taken into account when selecting your departure date.


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We undertake not to provide your personal information to any third party except for your selected hotel and other service provider as stated in our terms and conditions.
We will continue to provide you with updated e-mails about our services if requested and opted-in to our database.
You will have the opportunity to submit comments on our featured suppliers although we reserve the right to decide whether or how such information is used.
We are registered with the data protection registrar and operate in accordance with data protection legislation.
Our Sri Lanka specialists have extensive knowledge of Sri Lanka borne out of their own travels or even living there. Our detailed in-depth hotel reviews of over 100 hotels and island knowledge enables us to offer a bespoke itinerary planning service. Book on-line at cost price: www.boutiquesrilanka.com - true Sri Lanka specialists.