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Surrounded by the lush green mountains and valleys of Sri Lanka, The Secret Ella is a wonderful selection for nature and adventure lovers as well as for those looking for a serene getaway. The unique circular dome-like shape of the building is the first thing that caught our eyes as we arrived at the resort. The pure white structure with French windows in almost every panel with its green roof was a reminder of the colonial influence in the conception and history of the country’s tea plantation industry. The best part was yet to come, as on turning around, we were privy to a birds-eye view of the famous nine arches bridge below us.

A tea planter’s bungalow, now converted to a resort, The Secret Ella still holds all the charms of the tea plantation lifestyle of yore with the likes of an English tea service and personal butler service. The colonial architecture, spacious and airy rooms, white walls contrasting with teak and mahogany furniture are all reminiscent of the lifestyle that the tea industry introduced to the country. 

The different types of rooms and suites caters to all types of visitors from groups and families on holiday to couples on honeymoon, all with ensuite bathrooms and some with luxurious bath tubs. The culinary experience left our senses wanting more with delicious meals with a variety of options. The green forests and white mists engulfed all 360 degrees around us and with a personal tuk-tuk ride to their sister resort, swimming, hiking and similar enjoyable adventure awaited us. The sister resort spa is available for anyone in a mood to pamper your whole being; mind and body. The game room with a number of choices in indoor board games and the movie library kept us occupied when we were in a mood to just lounge around and relax. 

The nine arches bridge is one of the most iconic and must visit places. Another ‘must’ is to ride the local trains which give sightings of beautiful waterfalls and the valleys below. The Demodara loop is an iconic sight to catch by either being inside the train looking out as it takes the loop or from the vantage lookout point looking at the traveling train.

Waterfalls, mountain treks, nature photography, wild life sanctuaries, hikes ending with a river bath are some of best outdoor activities around the area without too long a commute. Added to that you get the Gold grounds, Horse racing, Tea factories and plantations and spice gardens for less strenuous options of activities. 

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