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Mandira Bungalows

Dick Oya,  West Hill Country


Enclosed within 10km reserve these three luxurious bungalows, are situated in the coolest region of the country.  Mandira Bungalows by Zinc Hotels are cozy homely bungalows enclosed in lush greenery with staff ready to serve your every whim, quite a pleasant deviation from its global hotel ownership.

Once at tea planter’s bungalow turned into boutique, Strathdon Bungalow, Dick Oya Bunalow and Craig Appin Bungalow are maintained and presented in all the glory of the colonial era. While within the same family, these three bungalows surely deserve three separate introductions in order to properly absorb their offerings.

Strathdon Bungalow: White walls paneled with French windows and green roofs framing the structure and the welcome porch. A green lawn with a swing arm chair boast the best lookout point across the peaks and valleys, lush green shrubs and periphery trees.

Dick Oya Bungalow: A narrow building from the face of it as opposed to the wide expanse of its sister, Dick Oya bungalow invites you to venture right into the premises to enjoy the lengthy curves of the building with round French windows along its side.

Craig Appin Bungalow: Its stone walled exterior with the porch, white panelled windows and signature green roof with white chimneys are a step back in time. Lounge chairs and swing sets welcome you into the bungalows, providing a preview of the comforts ahead. The colourful landscaped gardens invite the eyes of children and adults alike to feast on the peaks and valleys beyond.

What better welcome than a complimentary platter of strawberries in your room.  Four-poster beds throughout with light feathery netting whether double or twin beds, adorned with antique wooden furniture and complementing ornaments, en-suite bathrooms with modern amenities, bathrobe and slippers, in-house safe, TV’s with satellite channels and unlimited tea and coffee are just some of the luxuries offered by Mandira Bungalows to ensure a blissful stay.

Attention to detail including personalised menus and staff coupled with activities and sight seeing expeditions to cater to your mood will make this a hotel to remember.

   Child Friendly


Strathdon Bungalow comes with four rooms with maximum occupancy of eleven people. The terracotta interior with brightly colored walls and complementing drapes, the use of antique wooden and cane furniture adorned with colorful cushions and covers, antique brass and wooden décor, makes up a cozy comfortable setting.

The bathrooms strike a sharp contrast of vibrancy with its black and white tiling and fixings, aromatic toiletries and deep bathtubs to soak in.


Dick Oya Bungalow comes with one suite made of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, and four separate bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Again, with white walls and green roofs, this bungalow adds to the charm with its white chimneys popping out of the roof. The entrance is through a paved road with trees as a view over the bungalow and only a triangular patch of lawn in view. This however, is only a preview to the expansive that await. Wood panelled flooring, thick carpets, dark hued walls, drapes and furniture covered by pure white ceilings and a stone fireplace exude warmth and promises of coziness in the chilly evenings of the Hill Country.

Craig Appin Bungalow gives a fresh twist to the theme with dark comfortingly warm linen and comforters welcoming to cuddle up and keep cozy. Comprising  one suite made of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, plus five separate bedrooms each with en-suite bathrooms, Craig Appin is the largest of the bungalows with maximum occupancy of about 17 with extra beds as per availability.

The main halls carry a bright setting of rich plush furniture lighted with overhead chandeliers and elaborately designed candle stands. The rooms, in autumnal hues give a sense of tranquility as you indulge in the four-poster bed.





Mandira Bungalows cater meals to each guest’s requirement. Every morning a dedicated staff member will have a chat with the guest (or group as it may be) on the preferences from indoor formal dining, outdoor dining to enjoy the viewsor pampered room service. Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, western multiple coursed menu or a fusion of the best of both worlds are available.  Upon your return from a day of adventure or to ensure your day starts on the right note.

With prior notice a scrumptious picnic basket will be ready at the time of your departure, thereby removing any worry or planning of meals leaving you to just enjoy your day of sight seeing and exploring.

Not only are the chefs really good at whipping up delicious Sri Lankan meals, they are generous to the extent of sharing their recipes with cooking demonstrations and special classes to learn how to make your favorite dish.


Things to do & local tips

Mandira Bungalows are surrounded by some of the best that nature, adventure, history and the culture of Sri Lanka has to offer. Starting from Adams in the south-west of the Hill Country, going clockwise, you can discover:

  • Sri Pada - also known as Adams Peak, it is a mountaintop where Lord Buddha according to Buddhism, Adam according to Christianity and Islam, Shiva according to Hinduism is believed to have visited and left their footprint. A climb of approximately 5,500 built in steps; this mountain is more than 2000 meters (more than 7000 feet) tall. A pilgrimage as well as an adventure, this climb attracts religious as well as activity hungry people from all over the world


  • Kitulgala waterways – This is ideal for the avid white water rafter for fun filled day getting wet and toppling in the cool waters of the Kelani river.


  • Kotmale Dam – A fine piece of engineering with a beautiful view of the country side. A bunch of ancient preserved Buddhist temples scattered around, this makes for a good cultural visit.


  • Pidurutalagala – More than 2,500 meters tall, this climb ends in a view so majestic one would not want to come back to the reality of city life.


  • Nuwara Eliya – With its tea plantations, horse riding, boat riding, botanical gardens, and golf grounds its like the time stood still. Known as Little England, Nuwara Eliya has preserved its lifestyle as it were during the colonial era and is now open to the pleasure of all visitors.


  • Horton Plains – A trek across a flatland more than 30 square km (more than 12 square miles) to the edge which is named World’s End for its infinite view over the precipice, is a breathtaking journey amidst a cool climate and natural habitat.

Hatton and Dick Oya themselves have quite a collection of natural beauty and you can get your local guide courtesy of Mandira Bungalows to accompany you.

Mandira Bungalows offer:

  • Train and Bike journey – with breathtaking views from the train and and exploration by bike.
  • Tea Experience – with a wholesome adventure from the plucking of the leaf till its processed, and in traditional attire to make it more interesting.
  • Mountain bike trail – to explore the immediate nature and villages around the bungalow.
  • Foot path trail – to enjoy the immediate vicinity of the surroundings of the bungalow and the breathtaking views of Sri Pada and other gorgeous peaks in view.


These packages come at special prices for its guests and can be accompanied or  self guided.