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Arugam Bay


 Kudakalliya bungalow lies south of Arugam Bay where in 2004 the British Professional Surfer Competition (BPSA) was hosted.  It has its very own surf point at Elephant Rock just 20 minutes stroll along the beach from the bungalows.

Surrounded by the sea front, a river to the side and jungle patch at the rear, this is a retreat for water babes and nature lovers. Wildlife may be your sole company on this deserted beach; the occasional wild elephant will bathe on the river island and near the lagoon.  Robinson Crusoe was the inspiration at this Eco-style bungalow.  Set on two levels with walls painted in ochre tones of termite hill mud.  Services are provided through solar energy, gas cookers and a water well.  Sleep under the stars and awake to stunning sun enriched horizons. Although electricy has now been installed to fuel the fans and  cool a beer in the fridge.

Kudakalliya has all the basic comforts and your private house boy and Chef.  Bamboo blinds and cement floors keep the hut cool in July's intense sun.  A recent sun deck and open dining pavilion have been built for casual bathing and alfresco dining.

Surf the curls, fish with the locals, spot dolphins on the coastline.  Yala East National Park is only 1 hour away.  Or just relax and enjoy the simple life of Sri Lanka.





  •  Climb the water tank and capture the best sunsets over the jungle.
  • Excellent surf for beginners and adventurists.
  • The awesome sight of a school of dolphins
  •  Not a soul around so take plenty of books.
   Child Friendly
   Beach Access
   Bird Watching


Kudakalliya consists of two properties Sayura and Gaga Addara:

Sayura: On the upper floor there is one double air-conditioned bedroom, but the verandah seems to be the prefered setting for the beds. The bedroom has acquired a dressing room status.  A large sitting area and a toilet are also sited upstairs. The floors are wooden and there are drop down bamboo blinds to protect against wind, rain and sun. There is ample storage furniture made from local wood. In an extended annexe there is a further double bedroom and sun deck above.

The ground floor room is a Quadruple and air-conditioned with polished cement floors with leaf-print inlays. Downstairs are a further two toilets and a double shower with granite floors and painted mud walls. Towels are provided and plump hand loom cushions and crisp cotton sheets ensure your physical comfort, but the real benefits derive from living with the elements and nature. Kudakalliya is an ideal adventure location for families with brothers and sisters as there are no other children around to play with.


Gaga Addara: This bungalow has been built with a room on each floor with ensuite bathrooms. The upperfloor room opens up to a large balcony with spectacular views of the river and green paddyfield. The dining area is on the ground floor verandah



There is a fully equipped kitchen for those wishing to opt for self-catering, but there are few power points. The in- house chef will choose whatever is available at market, seafood, vegetables or limited fruits.   Items such as beef and pork should be purchased in Wellawaya en-route which will then be stored in ice boxes.

The chef can prepare some deliciously tasty meals despite his limited ingredients. Alcohol can not be bought locally so bring your own or order in advance - a simple e-mail will suffice.

There are several bars and restaurants in Ulla where other surfers and travellers hang out. Dining on the terrace or gardens is preferable to avoid sand and ants in the lounge. Picnics can be prepared if you head off for the day.

Things to do & local tips


  • 3 adult  and one child's bike are avialble for use by guests.
  • Long walks on the beach to both Ulla Bay and Elephant Rock and beyond.
  • Swimming  near Elephant Rock and Ulla Bay. Some excellent surf spots : Komari Point, Pottuvil Point, Ulla Point, Elephant  Rock Point, Peanut Farm Point, Okanda Point. Surfing season is from May to October.
  • Fishing trips or riverboat rides can be arranged. You will see dancing dolphins. 
  • Outings to Okanda Hindu temple and Kudimbigala jungle Hermitage. The staff will take you to some ancient temples undiscovered by the tourist trekker.
  • Safaris to Kumana Bird Sanctuary (part of Yala East National Park) or head for Yala East National Park  for great bird watching, wild boar, deer, elephants, buffalo, jackal, crocodile, and if you are lucky a leopard or sloath bear.
  • Picnics can be arranged.
  • Lahugala National Park is also nearby and famed for its big herds of elephants.
  • Kudakalliya Bungalow has its own jeep, but drivers need to be arranged half a day in advance.
  • Muhudu Maha Vihara in Pottuvil, Magul Maha Vihare in Lahugala, Kudumbigala Rock Hermitage, Babaragasthalawa will keep you busy for a day.


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