Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Eco Retreats

A range of environmental and agrotourism eco retreats that combine natural living with tourist accommodation. A range of standards and infrastructure. Usually set in rural surroundings with wildlife safari excursions nearby. Some offer yoga and ayurvedic facilities whilst other allow guests to join the local community in their organic farming.

Sri Lanka has numerous national parks which are home to hundreds of elephants and the famous leopards. Populations are strong and our luxury safari campsites in the Parks are THE way to live close to nature and yet live and dine like kings

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98 Acres Resort

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98 Acres Resort  Bird Watching 98 Acres Resort  Swimming Pool

Ella,  Hill Country
A great escape in to a peaceful location with a beautiful scenery. Reasonably priced.

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Chenna Huts Yala

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Chenna Huts Yala  Beach Access Chenna Huts Yala  Child Friendly Chenna Huts Yala  Swimming Pool

Yala,  Yala
Luxury in the wilderness, surrounded by exotic fauna and flora.

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Cinnamon Wild

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Cinnamon Wild  Child Friendly Cinnamon Wild  Swimming Pool Cinnamon Wild  Beach Access Cinnamon Wild  Groups Welcomed Cinnamon Wild  Bird Watching

Perfect combination of jungle, beach and air-conditioned luxury chalets. Wide range of dining opportunities and good centre for local interests and animal safaris.

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Gal Oya Lodge

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Gal Oya Lodge  Bird Watching Gal Oya Lodge  Child Friendly Gal Oya Lodge  Groups Welcomed Gal Oya Lodge  Swimming Pool

Gal Oya,  Eastern Province

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Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa

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Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa  Child Friendly Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa  Groups Welcomed Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa  Bird Watching

Set amongst rocks (Galapita means "on rock"), natural pools and waterfalls this small eco-retreat in central Sri Lanka is a paradise for solo travellers or families looking for adventure.

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Kudakalliya  Child Friendly Kudakalliya  Beach Access Kudakalliya  Bird Watching

Arugam Bay
One desert island, one hut, a few visiting dolphins and a lifetime's surfing and beach.

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KULU safari

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KULU safari  Child Friendly KULU safari  Groups Welcomed KULU safari  Bird Watching

Yala, Uda walawe, Wilpattu National Parks
Tailor made "boutique" safari, guided by professional naturalists. Luxurious tented facillities with exclusive position deep in the National Parks.

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Mahoora Camps

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Mahoora Camps  Child Friendly Mahoora Camps  Groups Welcomed Mahoora Camps  Bird Watching

All National Safari Parks
Be at one with Sri Lanka's nature- Adventure, Wildlife, Birdlife or the real Veddha villages of Sri Lanka. Luxury camping in the national parks to catch the morning elephants or sunbathing leopards

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Palm Paradise Cabanas

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Palm Paradise Cabanas  Child Friendly Palm Paradise Cabanas  Beach Access Palm Paradise Cabanas  Groups Welcomed Palm Paradise Cabanas  Ayurveda Palm Paradise Cabanas  Bird Watching

Simple, naturalistic stilt cabins looking sea-ward on a private beach. Flavourfull food with Sri Lankan bias but flexible to differing tastes. The best beaches and sunsets on Sri Lanka and excellent diving nearby.

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Rafters Retreat

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Rafters Retreat  Child Friendly Rafters Retreat  Groups Welcomed Rafters Retreat  Bird Watching

Tree house eco-lodges appealing to closet Tarzans. Exciting 3 day adventure package beckoning "twitchers" and white water rafting enthusiasts. If there is such a thing as 'boutique eco', then here it is.

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Eco holidays in Sri Lanka based at environmental retreats combining natural living and safari with Sri Lanka tourist accommodation. Stunning scenery and wildlife amongst eco communities. Eco retreats include Kudakaliya, Yala Village, Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, Galapita Eco Lodge, Paradise Eco Farm, Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Eco Retreats
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