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KULU safari

Yala, Uda walawe, Wilpattu National Parks


This is truly safari with a boutique flavour.  Sleeping is arranged in customised tents, hot and cold showers are on hand and the beer is cold. A safari is a journey into the jungle to live, smell, and hear nature in its purest form and the team of trackers, drivers, cooks and camp assistants ensure you have an experience of a lifetime.

An advance party sets up camp, with all the facillities for comfortable living, without creating a barrier between you and the jungle you have come to share. Food is prepared in customised kitchens equipped with fridge and freezer, so no tummy upsets to spoil your adventure.

The National Park gates are closed to the public from 6pm to 6am. Early morning and dusk are the prime times for sighting leopards so whilst the rest of the tourists are queing at the gates, with Kulu Safari  you are already in the heart of the forest gazing at these beautiful, elusive creatures. These very experienced trackers are familiar with the habits of the big cats and know where to spot the young cubs after the breeding season.

Brand new game viewing vehicles are specially outfitted.  No more than 6 people travel in one vehicle so clear unobstructed views are always yours. The camouflage coverings minimise the distraction to wildlife, thus maximising your animal sightings. With the photographers in mind, the vehicles have been fitted with strategically placed camera support points.

Sri Lanka's abundant wild life, including leopards, elephants, bears and monkeys, is there for you to discover.  Sri Lanka is also known to have some of the world's best birdwatching.


 Highs  Lows
  •  Amazing experience. Elephants woke us at 6am as they took a bath beside our campsite.
  • Highly trained trackers who accomodate your every passion- photography, nature, species.
  • Watching 2 x 2 week old elephants play hide and seek around their mother's legs.
  • Guests continue to report numerous sightings of rare leopards, sloth bears in Wilpattu .
  • Uda walawe is less desirable unless you love elephants.  There is little else to see in terms of wildlife but elephants and birds are plentiful.
  • My torch could have been stronger - especialy at night when you need to take a visit to the loo.   I slightly stumbled on a branch but stumbling  under an angry elephant as a result of bright lights would have been worse.!












   Child Friendly
   Groups Welcomed
   Bird Watching



Accommodation is in customised tents -  not the sort a Boy  Scout would recognise!  These are spacious, with good head room, verandahs, comfortable chairs and queen size beds.

Hot and cold showers are always available, also chemical toilets, so no need to stride out into the wilderness with a spade.

Dimensions of the tent is 5 by 14 meters with ensuite flushing toilet and shower. The tents are set up on a teak platform and has a terrace in front. The tents at Kulu are by far the largest and most luxurious providing a true camping experience.






A separate dining tent is set up, which also serves as your living room.  You may choose to take some meals al fresco, dining under the stars knowing that your dinner party is the only one in a 100 square miles.

Meals are prepared by cooks in customised kitchens brought in ahead of your arrival.  Sufficient fridge and freezer capacity ensures the safety of your food, and plenty of ice for your gin and tonic.





Things to do & local tips

All safaris are tailored to your desires, whether your interests are viewing leopards in Yala or Wilpattu, trekking elephants in Ude walawe or bird watching.  Their flexible organisation allows them to set up in any part of the Island, not just in the National Parks. 


Activities From Yala National Park:

  • Kayaking –  Campsite is located in front of the Kochchipathana veva ( Lake) and the guests often enjoy Kayaking assisted by the staff. This is seasonal (December – April) and depends on water conditions.
  • Trekking – in and around camp – clients often enjoy a walk around the Kochchipathana vewa as it is great for birdlife and reptiles. There’s a hill right behind the campsite, the climb is approx. 1hr and has a fantastic panoramic view of the Yala national park.  
  • Reading
  • Colouring and drawing for Children
  • Sri Lankan cookery lessons


For clients staying over for 3 nights or more:

  • Bundala National Park – On the final day a visit to the Bundala National Park can be organized at an extra fee as we need to allocate a separate jeep
  • Sithulpavva Rock temple
  • Kataragama Night pooja
  • Paramathotupala river bath – although this is a common area our team can secure a location that is away from the crowds


Below is a brief itinerary of a 4 night stay:

  •  Day of arrival ( 1st day) – arrive for lunch followed by a Kayaking tour at camp
  • 2nd day – morning safari/afternoon safari  
  • 3rd day – a walk up the hill located at the back of the campsite, has a fantastic panoramic view of the Yala national park / afternoon safari
  • 4th day-  drive in to block 5 -  experiencing a large rocky out drop at block 5
  • 5th day – morning safari/a visit to the Sithulpavva temple in the afternoon
  • 6th day – early morning safari followed with breakfast at camp, check out before noon


(Visiting Kataragama Devalaya (temple) and attending the night pooja can be done during an evening that is convenient to the client. Clients should be informed to be dressed appropriately to the temple (sleeveless tops and above the knee cloths are not allowed as it’s a place of worship).