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Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa



Dare to cross the "˜Bridge of Eden' and enter a natural paradise that leaves Western worries behind. 


Two friends on a pilgrimage to Kateragama went exploring into "˜Veddha Country'.  They discovered two large rocks with a natural pool and a waterfall on the banks of Menik Ganga (Gem river) and Galapita (on a rock) was born.  At first they slept simply on mats under the stars, eventually building a hut.  This project expanded as friends joined for weekends. 


Now this eco-sanctuary can accommodate up to 12 guests, depending  how cosy you want to be!  Ideal for solo travellers or families looking for adventure.


Acres of unfenced land where the rhythms of the forest and changing seasons dictate this harmonious life.  Dreams of sleeping under the stars come true in the four riverside pavilions or you may prefer to climb to the tree house tower where only birds can be seen and heard.


Visit the garden safari and natural swimming pool/spa where ropes and swinging tyres have been added to create never-ending fun.


Occasional sapphires have been found rolling along the riverbed.


An element of western luxury has been added to the pavilions and outdoor bathrooms but there is no escape from the refreshing cold water showers.


The flat land is surrounded by hills visited by sloth bears, eagles, wild boar and flocks of peacocks.




  • A world like no other
  • Watching the fearless village staff run along the bridge with your luggage overhead
  • As the mosquitoes descend, the leeches join in. Avoid the wet season May/June and Oct-Dec or be prepared
  • The dare-devil bridge
  • You will see snakes in this retreat .


   Child Friendly
   Groups Welcomed
   Bird Watching


Perched on the rocks beside the river are the four clay pavilions, open to the elements.  They have one wall and three open sides but are raised off the ground with 1ft walls to keep away unwanted visitors.  Rattan mats underfoot, ochre hues behind muralsof flowers and you have the choice of double beds, hammocks or cushioned floors.   Mosquito nets are provided but airflow is natural.


Straw roofs and driftwood doubling as furniture combine nature with comfort.  Spaced out to offer visual privacy but not the sounds of fellow travellers - snorers and noisy lovers beware.

Shared bathrooms are a short distance away, featuring Western toilets, mirrored vanity units and private cold water shower rooms.  Swimmers may opt to shower under the many open and pumped tree showers.


If you're a solo traveller and would welcome company in the wilderness, Galapita can pair like minded souls in one pavilion.


Walk around the purple carpeted lily pond and cross the small bridge to the Tree House.  Climb 15ft to the wooden platform where cushions and rattan flooring are the only home comforts. Far away from Galapita life and bathroom conveniences, you might just brave it out one night and enjoy a birds-eye view of this wilderness at night - a myriad of stars twinkling above and owls hooting around you.


The communal living pavilion is a riverside house party.  Relax in chairs downstairs or sprawl on cushions on the mezzanine.


Guests sit around and chat by day whilst some prefer solitude in the many suspended beds and hammocks around the estate.  The solar energy system maintains the paths' lanterns and occasionally the stereo, so bring your favourite CD's.





Galapita grow their own rice, vegetables and culinary herbs using organic methods.  The fish and seasonal prawns come from the surrounding rivers and east coast.  Meat eaters will not be disappointed as the flavours are awesome and Dhal provides plenty of protein.  They serve a diverse array of Sri Lankan delicacies cooked using traditional cooking methods.  The kitchen is open plan, for all to learn, featuring clay pots on wooden fires.


There is plentiful fruit and local buffalo curd and treacle (rather like Greek yoghurt).


Breakfast and lunch are more of the same really.  Rotti  (like pitta bread) and Dhal is a delicious breakfast.


Alcohol will need to be planned in advance.  Local "Arrack' is easily sourced but you might want to source some Coca Cola/Sprite to soften the taste. 


Galapita has no fridges.

Things to do & local tips

  • Join a country trek through the local sugar cane, paddy fields and up into the jungle with the local villagers.  Pass elephants and  flying squirrels on your travels.
  • If you prefer a bike, the roads are excellent.  Some of the best tracks are around the outskirts of Yala Park and hire charge is reasonable. The staff will organise a "˜drop off' if required.
  • During rainy season (May-Nov) the waters are high and the waterfall creates a private spa.  Join the palm-sized butterflies in the spray.
  • Take an exhilarating fly down the river to Demodara. After the monsoon the rapids drift you in a tyre tube for 2 hours.  Galapita's jeep will bring you back to base.
  • Maligawila rock carvings are culturally inspiring and Buddhist monks meditate on the neighbouring rocks.
  • Kateragama is a shrine to many religions and pilgrims flock year round.  In July they play host to one of the Island's best peraheras - elephant and dancing parades and an electric atmosphere.
  • Picnic lunches can be prepared for all adventures.
  • Casual clothes and long sleeves are ideal at Galapita.  Take plenty of Citronella/repellent.

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