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Maldives offers the world’s most stunning beaches, fabulous underwater scenery and diving and the most romantic settings for that special holiday. Indulge in the luxury of the Maldives or combine a beach retreat with a cultural and scenic tour of Sri Lanka. The flight is only one hour from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Male, Maldives and provides the perfect combination holiday.22

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Anantara Resort

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Anantara Resort  Swimming Pool Anantara Resort  Beach Access Anantara Resort  Fine Dining

South Male Atoll
Style, luxury and gracious service in the ultimate romantic destination.

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Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)

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Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)    Child Friendly Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)    Swimming Pool Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)    Solo Traveller Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)    Beach Access Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)    Ayurveda Angsana resort & Spa(Ihuru)    Fine Dining

North Male atoll
'Luxurious', 'sensual', 'soporific' are all true of this island retreat of Ihuru. Plenty of leisure activities for your partner whilst you wallow in the revitalising Spa.

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Bandos  Child Friendly Bandos  Swimming Pool Bandos  Beach Access Bandos  Groups Welcomed

Nth Male
Excellent dive location and facillities. Lively resort with luxurious villas. Good, safe, family / child facillities.

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Banyan tree

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Banyan tree  Swimming Pool Banyan tree  Beach Access Banyan tree  Ayurveda Banyan tree  Fine Dining

All the magic and perfection of the Maldives with a wealth of recreational activities and a world class spa.

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Coco Palm Resort & Spa(Dhuni Kolhi)

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Coco Palm Resort & Spa(Dhuni Kolhi)  Beach Access Coco Palm Resort & Spa(Dhuni Kolhi)  Fine Dining

Baa Atoll
An enchanting hideaway in the Maldives. Laze on the silvery sand, dine in your own luxurious villa, take exciting dives amongst the untouched reef- just ask and it's yours.

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Dhoni Island

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Dhoni Island  Beach Access Dhoni Island  Fine Dining

North Male Atoll
Sail the Indian Ocean on your exclusive luxury Dhoni. Perfect underwater scenery and wrecks of the Ari Atoll. A very private affair where tradition meets modern design. A holistic blend of East and West within the Sen spa.

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Diva Resort & Spa (Formerly White Sands Resort & Spa)

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Diva Resort & Spa (Formerly White Sands Resort & Spa)  Child Friendly Diva Resort & Spa (Formerly White Sands Resort & Spa)  Beach Access Diva Resort & Spa (Formerly White Sands Resort & Spa)  Ayurveda Diva Resort & Spa (Formerly White Sands Resort & Spa)  Fine Dining

South Ari Atoll
Enjoy the perfect tropical island holiday in the Maldives, without breaking the bank - deserving winner of the Sunday Times Travel \'Best Bargain\' award.

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Show hotel details for Filitheyo
Filitheyo  Child Friendly Filitheyo  Swimming Pool Filitheyo  Beach Access Filitheyo  Groups Welcomed Filitheyo  Fine Dining

Faafu atoll
Palm trees, tropical flowers and your bare feet in soft white sand. This, plus the warm, clear azure waters of the lagoon is Filitheyo Island Resort.

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Hilton (Conrad) Rangali Island

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Hilton (Conrad) Rangali Island  Swimming Pool Hilton (Conrad) Rangali Island  Beach Access Hilton (Conrad) Rangali Island  Ayurveda Hilton (Conrad) Rangali Island  Fine Dining

South Ari Atoll
Desert island paradise in the Maldives with spectacular diving opportunities and water sports centre, but plenty of private space to chill out if your idea of exercise is lifting a cool beer.

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Huvafen Fushi

Show hotel details for Huvafen Fushi
Huvafen Fushi  Swimming Pool Huvafen Fushi  Beach Access Huvafen Fushi  Fine Dining

North Male Atoll
Everything you hoped the Maldives could be. Natural, modern architecture with state of the art design. Sand between your toes and impeccable service. A stunning island, luxury resort, breathtaking diving and a comfortable atmosphere

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Show hotel details for Kanuhura
Kanuhura  Child Friendly Kanuhura  Swimming Pool Kanuhura  Beach Access Kanuhura  Fine Dining

This 5 star resort combines modern convenience with ultimate luxury. You may leave the world behind, fill your days with activity, dine in a top class restaurant then retreat to the calm of your own private villa. The well run 'Kids Club' gives space for famillies to do their own thing.

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Show hotel details for Kurumba
Kurumba  Child Friendly Kurumba  Swimming Pool Kurumba  Beach Access Kurumba  Groups Welcomed Kurumba  Ayurveda Kurumba  Fine Dining

North male Atoll
The Maldives family- friendly resort with activities and restaurants to suit all ages and tastes.

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Mirihi Island Resort

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Mirihi Island Resort  Beach Access Mirihi Island Resort  Fine Dining

Stylish and intimate Maldivian island, ideal for honeymooners. Great value luxury resort

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Show hotel details for Olhuveli
Olhuveli  Child Friendly Olhuveli  Swimming Pool Olhuveli  Solo Traveller Olhuveli  Beach Access Olhuveli  Ayurveda Olhuveli  Fine Dining

South Male atoll
A laid back, leisurely ambiance, ideal for a family holiday. The perfect tropical island surrounded by a vast sandy beach and clear, warm lagoon.

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One & Only Reethi Rah

Show hotel details for One & Only Reethi Rah
One & Only Reethi Rah  Child Friendly One & Only Reethi Rah  Swimming Pool One & Only Reethi Rah  Beach Access One & Only Reethi Rah  Fine Dining

North Male Attol
A chic, sophisticated and luxurious island resort with wonderful spa facillities and water sports, and excellent activities and clubs for children.

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Soneva Fushi

Show hotel details for Soneva Fushi
Soneva Fushi  Child Friendly Soneva Fushi  Swimming Pool Soneva Fushi  Beach Access Soneva Fushi  Groups Welcomed Soneva Fushi  Ayurveda Soneva Fushi  Fine Dining

Baa Atoll
A dreamy experience of Robinson Crusoelike, Maldivian charm; the exciting new Jungle Reserve and pure indulgence. Intelligent design combines eco-awareness with the finest luxuries in an idyll for couples or famillies.

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Soneva Gili

Show hotel details for Soneva Gili
Soneva Gili  Child Friendly Soneva Gili  Swimming Pool Soneva Gili  Beach Access Soneva Gili  Ayurveda Soneva Gili  Fine Dining

North Male Atolls
A perfect coral island in the madlives for a 'kick off your shoes and relax' holiday. Enjoy wonderful food and service. Play hard - exhilarating sport fishing, exciting diving - or live easy, lying on your sun deck after a refreshing session in the spa. Newly opened Private Reserve and Spa Suites for ultimate exclusivity.

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Taj Coral reef

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Taj Coral reef  Swimming Pool Taj Coral reef  Beach Access Taj Coral reef  Fine Dining

North male
A relaxing hideaway with all the comforts expected of a world class hotel. A perfect destination for romance- seekers or 'special occasion' guests seeking tranquility and privacy.

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Taj Exotica- maldives

Show hotel details for Taj Exotica- maldives
Taj Exotica- maldives  Child Friendly Taj Exotica- maldives  Swimming Pool Taj Exotica- maldives  Solo Traveller Taj Exotica- maldives  Beach Access Taj Exotica- maldives  Groups Welcomed Taj Exotica- maldives  Ayurveda Taj Exotica- maldives  Fine Dining

South Male Atoll
Award winning resort offering world class wining, dining, water sports and spa. A classic "Taj" resort.

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