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Hot Air Ballooning: Sigiriya


Hot air ballooning is unique from all other forms of flight in that there is little sensation of motion or perception of height. Balloons travel with the wind and at the same speed which makes for one of the magical sensations of the flight. “Sensational tranquility” ….. is how many describe it! or as “surreal, peaceful and quiet”. Floating at heights of 500 to 2000 feet on average, this feeling of peace and tranquility is apparent from the extent of sighs & smiles as the earth seems to slowly descend & rotate below you whilst the views rapidly expand.

After the excitement of the takeoff (and its preparations with the inflation of the balloon), within moments you are at ease and in awe of the lofty spectacle while you effortlessly drift over the treetops, wildlife, lakes & rivers, cultural sites, local urban homesteads….. and landmarks like Sigiriya Rock. Ballooning adds an intimacy with the landscape and people, that most travelers volunteer as “an experience of a lifetime” whilst floating over the Sri Lankan countryside in gentle, panoramic harmony with nature. Apart from the occasional burst of the burners there is little to disturb the unusual noiseless environment.

A Typical Flight:
A hot air balloon flight is made up of a total travel experience of approx 4-hrs duration starting with your arrival (after we collect you from your hotel), the preparation and inflation of the balloon, flight briefing, takeoff, the flight, landing and retrieval and return to your hotel after a champagne breakfast.

A typical flight is scheduled in the early morning i.e. Sunrise, with flights commencing soon after dawn. The exact meeting time varies depending on the season and will be nominated when you make your reconfirmation call between 4 pm and 5 pm the day prior to your flight. Generally the arrival time at the launching point is 0630 am.

On the morning of your flight you will receive a wake up call one hour prior to the meeting time. This call is put through ONLY if the weather is suitable for a flight. No call - No flight! But you must be in reach of a telephone or be able to be reached i.e. via your hotel. On the assumption that Sunrise is at approx 0700 hrs then the following would apply as a typical flight.

Time Activity
06:00-06:15 am Transfer from hotel to takeoff point. Your pickup time will be confirmed the evening prior.
07:00 am - 07:30 am Experience the fun of assisting the pilot and crew in preparing the balloon for takeoff. Our experienced crew will have you assist in getting the 350,000 cu foot envelope ready for inflation which is always as memorable as the journey in the air. Enjoy the picturesque landscape at sunrise, as nature awakens to greet the first rays of the new day and your planned 60 (approx.) minute flight. Breathe in the wide-open spaces, the panorama, nature and the spectacular landmarks
08:00 am - 08:30 am Landing…. the smiling faces and hearty welcomes of the local villagers move closer to greet you... then the endeavors of the retrieval by our ground crew together with the pilot, at his best, displaying the finer techniques of landings and maneuvers. It’s all part of the flight experience. The final pack-up of the envelope and equipment plus lots of laughs and photos add to the memories.
08:30 am - 09:30 am Coming down to earth and the reality of returning to life as seen from the ground, whilst retaining the perspective of that of a bird, we head for a deserving breakfast of champagne and fresh tropical fruits. Our van meets you and with the pilot you return to your hotel with your Flight Certificate in Hand.
Your trip Includes:
  • Part of a 3 to 4-hour travel experience
  • Approx. One hour flight +/- depending on conditions
  • Champagne and Tropical Breakfast
  • All hotl transfers
  • Adventure Asia Int. Balloon Flight Certificate

Breakfast... bring a friend:
ACA Balloons include a post flight breakfast. Extra visitors such as non flying family are welcome (Adults $5, Children $3). Champagne, fruit juice, water, tropical fruits.

In flight Photo:
Your pilot and flight assistant will take an in-flight photo of you from our camera suspended from the balloon canopy. This will ensure a most memorable picture of YOU in the basket over the magnificent Sri Lankan landscape…. framed and ready for you over breakfast (A photo is US $25 each or $40 for 2)


Gift voucher:

Why not purchase a gift voucher for that special person in your life. Just call us and order over the phone


1. Weather:
The flights will only take place if the weather permits. An early morning wake up call confirms your departure. Visiting tourists booking with agent or direct with Adventure Asia Int. will have their ticket fully refunded in the event of a cancelled flight.

2. Cancellation policy
Your ticket is fully refundable but only with a minimum of three working days notice for two passengers and five working days notice for three or more passengers. Your ticket is valid for one year from date of issue for local Sri Lankan clients and resident visa foreigners.


Flight Voucher
This ticket guarantees a balloon flight on a confirmed day and of approximately one hour's duration with a champagne breakfast.

Children need to be a minimum of 1.2m in height and 7 years or older. It is also recommended that pregnant women do not fly.

Weddings and Groups

For that special occasion or a group the ACA balloon adds a unique style that will many unforgettable memories. The Balloon, pilot and ground crew can be hired for any occasion.

There are two styles of ballooning events that can be undertaken:

A: TETHERED: The balloon can be tethered (inflated with a rope still attached) and the balloon only just lifts off the ground with guests on board. The balloon can be used for the special couple and or guests. The balloon is hired for the occasion for up to two hours with approx. inflation time being 1:00hr-1hr:15min. An evening tethered night-glow could be arranged, weather permitting.

B: Free Flights: A Balloon Trip is undertaken and the AA-Balloon Team makes all arrangements for the flight as we would for any scheduled flight. The only difference is that the balloon is chartered for your occasion exclusively. The Balloon Trip can be for Bride & Groom (plus Pilot of course!) or up to a total group size of 14 people. Note: Our pilot is a registered marriage celebrant (Marriage Registrar) and the group size is at your discretion between 2 -14pax. Flights are generally in the mornings within the first 1hr of the day due to the most stable weather conditions.

Special Notes:

  • On board video cameraman, photographers, waiters etc can all be arranged (at an extra charge) for the event whilst allowing for a max group size still of 16 people.
  • The balloon basket will be decorated in beautiful lace & ribbon wedding décor with personalized naming branded on the balloon - example “Congratulations Neluka & Sampath wishing you a lifetime of joy on your wedding”
  • Complimentary In-flight wedding picture to the Bride & Groom.
  • Complimentary Champagne In-flight for the party on board.
Item Activity - Weddings
Weddings & Groups Chauffeured private pickup at your hotel, with time to spare taking you to the launch spot. A tethered flight can be from your own hotel as space allows
Flight Arrive just in time to see your balloon inflate and sip a pre-flight drink. Take off and experience the fun and unique sensation of hot air ballooning. Your balloon floats for approx an hour over the picturesque landscape at sunrise, breathe in the wide-open spaces and take in the best views with your binoculars.
Complimentary in-flight photos Take in the unique views of landscapes, villages, people and landmarks like Sigiriya Rock that can only be fully appreciated from the air and only at the intimate pace of a balloon flight. A chilled Champagne toast on board for the couple. A photo of the couple from our externally mounted camera will be taken for you
Use of binoculars Come back to earth and be whisked off by chauffeured vehicle to your five star resort, to enjoy the balance of your day and life together.
Onboard Champagne
  • Tethered Flights from Kandalama or an agreed location
  • Free Flights Sigiriya / Dambulla Region

1. Flight only package or Flight Voucher

Foreign Guests $230
Children <12yrs $150
Resident Expats $150*

* resident visa for all guests provided

2.Weddings Package (excludes acoommodation)

Tethered Flight LKR 100,000
Free Flight LKR 250,000


Please email us if would like to pre-book Hot Air Ballooning.