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Private Drivers


We have carefully selected a reliable company to provide our drivers and vehicles. English, French or German speaking Guides are also available. Drivers are experienced and have a good knowledge of the island and key tourist interests.

Driving Conditions: We have selected safe and secure drivers but it should be highlighted that the roads are rather precarious and the highway code is not adhered to by the majority of other drivers on the road. Your driver will contend with other cars as he believes appropriate and in order to reach your destination in good time. If you find his driving too fast, please let him know. The roads are windy (especially in the Hill country) and passengers may experience some travel sickness. Please be prepared with tablets, bottles of water and take occasional rests.

Good Conduct: Drivers have been advised that they should follow the itinerary booked. They should not lead you to every jewellery shop and café on the beaten track. However, if you would welcome their advice, please ask them.

Remember that they also need to eat and recover on long journeys so occasional breaks may be required for them.

Communication: Most drivers have a good command of English. They will be courteous and have sufficient understanding to converse simply and to stop when required. If you require a personal guide to highlight in greater detail the places of interest, please let us know. We would recommend that you hire a different guide at each tourist attraction as the guides will be more fluent in their subject matter.

Fleet - a range of vehicles are available for your comfort: sedan cars,  People carriers and coaches. We usually recommend people carriers if there are 3+ passengers as it will provide more space and comfort on the long bumpy roads. All vehicles have air conditioning..

Prices - we have established a good km rate with our designated company based upon a minimum daily mileage of 100km. Sustenance and overnight accommodation for drivers (where no drivers quarters at the hotel) will be charged as extra. All these costs will be included in your quote. Any costs incurred to cover a diversion to your booked route should be settled with your driver. 

Insurance: Each company is fully insured for public liability

Payment Terms:
- 15% deposit will be taken at the time of booking by Boutique Sri Lanka on behalf of the driver company
- Outstanding payment will be taken at the point of collection in Sri Lanka
- Payment can be made in cash in Sri Lankan Rupees, US Dollars or Sterling Pounds for which a receipt will be provided.

- Complete payment can be made in advance of arrival and customers can contact the driver company direct after booking confirmation if they wish to discuss any specific concerns. Contact details for the company will be provided on the booking confirmation report. We regret, Boutique Sri Lanka are unable to take 100% payment. 15% deposit will be taken at the time of booking by Boutique Sri Lanka on behalf of the driver company.


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Tropical Travels (Pvt) Limited
Tropical Travels (Pvt) Limited - Has an excellent reputation for service and reliability. Drivers speak English. Fleet includes : Sedan Cars (Toyota Alion, Nissan N16, Toyota Corolla) , people carriers (KDH 200, KDH 221 , KDS 227), 12 person mini coaches and 30 - 40 person buses. We can also offer luxury vehicles (Mercedez Benz , 4WD double cabs) on request.

Our review: Tropical Travels (Pvt) Limited have an excellent reputation for reliable service, clean cars, good service and great value sedan cars.