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100 percent Sri Lankan Experience

Discover the real Sri Lanka with a holiday personalized and arranged by Boutique Sri Lanka. Our Sri Lanka experts have discovered many secret hideaways and local villages welcoming travellers but off the commercial and beaten track. From luxury estates to eco community villages, we can ensure you experience Sri Lankan living in an authentic fashion. Friendly locals and delicious year-old recipes.

We at Boutique Sri Lanka love Sri Lanka, its culture and the local communities and choose to live on the island for months at a time each year.

"Living" a Sri Lankan life and immersing yourself in the community with its strong religious ethos can only be achieved by joining a Sri Lankan community. You may wish to admire from the periphery, dip into the life for 1-3 days or feel a part of it for your entire visit.

A number of experiences are possible. The suggested itineraries pages provide many ideas but to gain a real experience of 100% Sri Lanka we would recommend the following options:

Heritage Homes

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Heritage homes are generally ancestral houses of well-to-do Sri Lankan families. Often the retired owners have moved back to their country residences and enjoy sharing their homes with foreign visitors.

The hosts are steeped in knowledge of the area and have an excellent command of the English language. Accommodation is comfortable yet simple, and as you enter their home, you should be ready to appreciate the character, style and idiosyncrasies of the family and architecture. The hosts are extremely hospitable and their staff and forefathers have often been loyal servants of the household for generations.

Meals are taken with the family and are traditionally Sri Lankan, but with deference to the Western taste if requested. Indeed, they will enjoy showing off their culinary skills. Beautiful homes, often surrounded by orchards, plantations and well-tended gardens, allow you to spend evenings strolling, listening to birdsong or lazing on candlelit verandas. 

Plantation Bungalows

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Plantation bungalows offer a "colonial" flavour, and many have been renovated into luxurious and characterful boutique residences. Our favourites are Ceylon Tea Trails, Kirchhayn and Paradise Garden Resort in the mid hill country. Service and cuisine are generally to a high standard suited to the stylish and seasoned traveller. Since the nationalisation of the tea estates, the bungalows have been renovated as stunning boutique hotels. Enjoy the working community and walk through the tea/rubber/coconut estates to appreciate the produce.

Estates within easy reach of the coast and still have a sense of the “raj” is Colonial house .

Rubber, pineapple and coconut estates are less common but the produce is increasingly valuable on the commercial markets. Horathapola Estate Bungalow and Cinnamon Mount make the best of their estates, produce and scenery and exceed all service expectations – our secret discoveries- so let’s keep it that way.


Eco Villages

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Eco villages are a growing attraction in Sri Lanka, which ensure that tourists do not disrupt village life or the environment.

Organic farming, skilled craftsmanship, ayurvedic treatments, mud pavillions and natural spring waterfalls are all integral to village life, and living at one with nature.

The Western Mountains and Galapita in the Uva Province, are organic villages home to ancient Veddah villages.

Archetypal tropical beach huts and simple living in an Eco Retreat may be your chosen alternative to the boutique beach resorts to experience the ‘local lifestyle’.

Meditation Centres & Monasteries

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Meditation Centres and Monasteries are the answer for those wishing to find inner peace and harmony. Run by monks, these centres may be attended by day or as live-in guests. Lecturers and learned monks will teach meditation techniques and lead/debate philosophy based on Buddhist beliefs.

The centres welcome a donation, or make a modest charge for the simple dormitory accommodation.

Centres can be found, in Kandy and in Unawatuna.

Village Life

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Village life throughout Sri Lanka is fascinating and extremely sociable. The houses are provincial and each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations.

Families will be so keen to chat it is rare to walk for 10-20 minutes without an invitation for tea or dinner! If you would like to join a village family for breakfast and have a short tour of the different aspects of village life eg. fishing, wood carving, bakery, farming, coconut tree climbing, just let us know and our Travel Consultants can arrange that within your itinerary. 

 If you enjoy experiencing this culture and community spirit, take a stroll or cycle ride through the villages of Bentota, Uva Province or the Hill Country.