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Earls Regency

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Earls Regency  Child Friendly Earls Regency  Swimming Pool Earls Regency  Groups Welcomed Earls Regency  Ayurveda Earls Regency  Bird Watching Earls Regency  Fine Dining

Kandy,  Kandy
Luxurious pampering in the hands of experts. A perfect base to explore the hill country and ancient city of Kandy or simply lie back and think of nothing in particular.

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Ellerton Bungalow

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Ellerton Bungalow  Child Friendly Ellerton Bungalow  Swimming Pool

Nr Gampola
Charming boutique hotel set on an organic tea and spice estate. Hill top position enjoys magnificent views all around. Ideally placed between southern beaches and the cultural triangle.

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Helga's Folly

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Helga's Folly  Child Friendly Helga's Folly  Swimming Pool Helga's Folly  Groups Welcomed Helga's Folly  Ayurveda Helga's Folly  Bird Watching Helga's Folly  Fine Dining

Eclectic boutique hotel that has played host to stars such as Vivian Leigh, Peter Finch and Sir Laurence Olivier. Intimate, bohemian, a truly one-off experience!

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Hunus Falls

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Hunus Falls  Child Friendly Hunus Falls  Swimming Pool Hunus Falls  Groups Welcomed Hunus Falls  Bird Watching

Idyllic surroundings, birdlife and a perfect climate. If you have the time to explore the Kandy Country at a slow pace this is the boutique hotel for you.

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Mahaweli Reach Hotel

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Mahaweli Reach Hotel  Swimming Pool Mahaweli Reach Hotel  Child Friendly Mahaweli Reach Hotel  Bird Watching Mahaweli Reach Hotel  Ayurveda

Kandy City
Centrally located for Kandy's cultural sights, with fabulous views over the Mahaweli River. An old-world style hotel surrounded by the highlands of central Sri Lanka, amid gardens of tropical blooms.

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Manor House

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Manor House  Child Friendly Manor House  Swimming Pool Manor House  Ayurveda Manor House  Bird Watching Manor House  Fine Dining

A stately and impressive Colonial home with much of the formal, yet showy, opulence of its Victorian heritage. A wealth of history is here to discover, as it was once the Manor House of the Guardian of the Temple of the Tooth.

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Secret Kandy

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Secret Kandy  Child Friendly Secret Kandy  Fine Dining Secret Kandy  Swimming Pool

Kandy,  Kandy
A charming colonial luxury Bungalow just minutes away from the Kandy city.

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Serendip  Swimming Pool Serendip  Child Friendly Serendip  Bird Watching

Kandy suburbs
One of Kandy's most serene and beautiful locations. All the sights of kandy within just 15 minutes from this stylish guesthouse

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Stonehouse Lodge

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Stonehouse Lodge  Swimming Pool Stonehouse Lodge  Bird Watching

Kandy,  Kandy
A boutique villa with a"home from home" feel, just 15mins from Kandy against a backdrop of the stunning Knuckles Mountains. Informal to a fault, chef prepares when and what you desire.

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The Kandy House

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The Kandy House  Swimming Pool The Kandy House  Ayurveda The Kandy House  Bird Watching The Kandy House  Fine Dining

Kandy,  Kandy
A luxury boutique hotel on the fringe of Kandy, one of Sri Lanka's most attractive restored, colonial residences.

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Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka
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