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Bonnieland Bungalow

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Bonnieland Bungalow  Child Friendly Bonnieland Bungalow  Groups Welcomed Bonnieland Bungalow  Ayurveda Bonnieland Bungalow  Bird Watching

An informal Sri Lankan hill top home enjoying hot days and cool evenings. Fabulous views, gardens and birds.

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Cranford Bungalow

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Cranford Bungalow  Child Friendly Cranford Bungalow  Groups Welcomed Cranford Bungalow  Bird Watching

Ella Region
A delightful and authentic 'away from it all' location amidst the beautiful Ella Region of Sri Lanka

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Don Diogu

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Don Diogu  Child Friendly Don Diogu  Groups Welcomed Don Diogu  Bird Watching

An 1870's ancestral home steeped in Portuguese history and set amid 300 acres of paddy and coconut. Real Sri Lankan living perfect for families, retired couples and birdies!

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Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa

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Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa  Child Friendly Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa  Groups Welcomed Galapita sanctuary & Mineral Spa  Bird Watching

Set amongst rocks (Galapita means "on rock"), natural pools and waterfalls this small eco-retreat in central Sri Lanka is a paradise for solo travellers or families looking for adventure.

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Kirchhayn Bungalow

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Kirchhayn Bungalow  Swimming Pool Kirchhayn Bungalow  Groups Welcomed Kirchhayn Bungalow  Bird Watching

An original tea estate bungalow full of traditional charm - and modern conveniences - enjoying the best climate of Sri Lanka with constant sunshine and 100% fresh air.

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Rosen Rennaisance

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Rosen Rennaisance  Child Friendly Rosen Rennaisance  Swimming Pool Rosen Rennaisance  Groups Welcomed Rosen Rennaisance  Bird Watching Rosen Rennaisance  Fine Dining

Modern hotel conveniently near to wildlife safari Parks and Kataragama's holy relics. Tuscan style architecture with all the amenities for a family holiday

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Tea Factory

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Tea Factory  Child Friendly Tea Factory  Ayurveda Tea Factory  Bird Watching Tea Factory  Fine Dining

Nuwara Eliya,  East Hill Country
A hotel of significance from Sri Lanka`s past, high in the hills of tea estate country. Watch the colourful tea pickers at work as you enjoy afternoon tea before the evening mists envelope you. Converted from an original tea factory, many of the original features have been retained.

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Warwick Gardens

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Warwick Gardens  Solo Traveller Warwick Gardens  Fine Dining Warwick Gardens  Child Friendly Warwick Gardens  Bird Watching

Ambewela,  East Hill Country
Peaceful, former tea estate which has reinvented itself as a luxury eco-retreat. Excellent base from which to explore the wonders of central Sri Lanka and "little England".

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