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Great value and high quality Sri Lanka guesthouses for your sri Lankan holiday. Located in village, river or beach environments and decorated to a high standard. Most guesthouses are family run with friendly service albeit a lower staff to guest ratio. Many have a separate restaurant open to non-residents ensuring exciting local menus and daily fresh food. Characterful architecture smaller in size and sometimes compromised by their lack of a swimming pool.

Our specialists have reviewed and selected the best beach guesthouses and we have negotiated rates far lower than you will experience by booking direct.

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Helga's Folly

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Helga's Folly  Child Friendly Helga's Folly  Swimming Pool Helga's Folly  Groups Welcomed Helga's Folly  Ayurveda Helga's Folly  Bird Watching Helga's Folly  Fine Dining

Eclectic boutique hotel that has played host to stars such as Vivian Leigh, Peter Finch and Sir Laurence Olivier. Intimate, bohemian, a truly one-off experience!

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Ocean View

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Ocean View  Child Friendly Ocean View  Beach Access Ocean View  Groups Welcomed Ocean View  Bird Watching

Galle Fort
Muslim family home recently up-dated for guests. Convenient, interesting location, adjacent to historic Galle Fort. Alcohol free zone but the stunning sunsets more than compensate.

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Palm Paradise Cabanas

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Palm Paradise Cabanas  Child Friendly Palm Paradise Cabanas  Beach Access Palm Paradise Cabanas  Groups Welcomed Palm Paradise Cabanas  Ayurveda Palm Paradise Cabanas  Bird Watching

Simple, naturalistic stilt cabins looking sea-ward on a private beach. Flavourfull food with Sri Lankan bias but flexible to differing tastes. The best beaches and sunsets on Sri Lanka and excellent diving nearby.

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Secret Garden

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Secret Garden  Child Friendly Secret Garden  Beach Access Secret Garden  Groups Welcomed Secret Garden  Ayurveda Secret Garden  Bird Watching

As charming as the name, with particular interest for the yoga enthusiast. Buzzing location beyond the encircling walls, group/family friendly rooms; delicious dinners often with live music.

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Serendip  Swimming Pool Serendip  Child Friendly Serendip  Bird Watching

Kandy suburbs
One of Kandy's most serene and beautiful locations. All the sights of kandy within just 15 minutes from this stylish guesthouse

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Stardust  Child Friendly Stardust  Beach Access Stardust  Groups Welcomed Stardust  Bird Watching

Aragum Bay
Surfing hot spot on the idyllic deserted beaches of Sri Lanka's south-east coast, location of British Surfing Championships in 2004. Variety of accommodation from budget to luxury, where Danish design meets traditional Sri Lankan character.

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Thambapanni Retreat

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Thambapanni Retreat  Child Friendly Thambapanni Retreat  Swimming Pool Thambapanni Retreat  Beach Access Thambapanni Retreat  Groups Welcomed Thambapanni Retreat  Ayurveda Thambapanni Retreat  Bird Watching

Unawatuna,  South Coast
A beach resort, spectacularly cut into a rock face and utilizing natural rock formations as "furniture". Regime tuned to health of mind and body with diet, spa, ayurveda, reiki, yoga and meditation to rejuvenate you.

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Villa Araliya

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Villa Araliya  Child Friendly Villa Araliya  Swimming Pool Villa Araliya  Groups Welcomed Villa Araliya  Bird Watching

Ideally located for airport. Modern villa-style apartments with designer touches from dining room to door knobs. Imaginative lighting, 45ft. pool and blossom trees create a magical night garden

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