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41 Lighthouse

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41 Lighthouse  Swimming Pool 41 Lighthouse  Groups Welcomed 41 Lighthouse  Beach Access

Galle,  South Coast
Unique, stylish, spacious old home sympathetically restored. Wallow in the past in the narrow busy streets of Galle Fort whilst enjoying the present in the cosmopolitan restaurants and shops.

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Aditya  Swimming Pool Aditya  Fine Dining Aditya  Child Friendly Aditya  Beach Access Aditya  Ayurveda

Nr. Hikkaduwa,  South Coast
Honeymooners and surfers paradise. Hugging a secluded beach this new boutique hotel achieves all that is meant by luxury. Ideal for couples and older families.

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Amangalla  Child Friendly Amangalla  Swimming Pool Amangalla  Fine Dining

Galle,  South Coast
A boutique hotel to give you a taste of the grand and traditional yesteryear, with the convenience of modern comforts. Wallow in Sri Lanka's local history, 'shop 'till you drop or view it all from the ramparts.

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Amanwella  Child Friendly Amanwella  Swimming Pool Amanwella  Beach Access Amanwella  Bird Watching Amanwella  Fine Dining

Tangalle,  South Coast
Sun, sand and service of superb quality in this boutique style hotel. Privacy and relaxation for the jet-lagged executive, but many interesting excursions conveniently nearby when the indolence palls.

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Ambalama  Child Friendly Ambalama  Swimming Pool Ambalama  Beach Access Ambalama  Groups Welcomed Ambalama  Bird Watching

Galle,  South Coast
Modern boutique villa of impeccable style, well positioned near a beautiful coral lagoon, yet near enough to historic Galle for culture and sophistication.

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Ambassadors House (60)

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Ambassadors House (60)  Child Friendly Ambassadors House (60)  Swimming Pool

A large, gracious house sleeping 10 in the heart of Galle Fort. Superb base for exploring the many new and historical aspects of this exciting World Heritage Site.

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Apa Villa

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Apa Villa  Child Friendly Apa Villa  Swimming Pool Apa Villa  Beach Access Apa Villa  Groups Welcomed Apa Villa  Ayurveda Apa Villa  Bird Watching Apa Villa  Fine Dining

Thalpe,  South Coast
Elegant colonial style boutique villas set amongst lush tropical gardens which are cooled by a stunning infinity pool. A magical corner of Sri Lanka with flexible accommodation for 2 people to 16.

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Auraliya villa

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Auraliya villa   Child Friendly Auraliya villa   Swimming Pool Auraliya villa   Beach Access Auraliya villa   Groups Welcomed Auraliya villa   Bird Watching

Nr galle
A newly built 6 bed villa on safe swimming beach; with its large gardens and swimming pool it is ideal for family groups.

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Beach House

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Beach House  Child Friendly Beach House  Swimming Pool Beach House  Beach Access Beach House  Groups Welcomed Beach House  Ayurveda Beach House  Bird Watching Beach House  Fine Dining

Interesting Sri Lankan house on own beach in unspoilt location. Accommodation varies in style and comfort but excellent service and food.

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Beach Hut

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Beach Hut  Child Friendly Beach Hut  Swimming Pool Beach Hut  Beach Access Beach Hut  Bird Watching

A stone's throw from cosmopolitan Galle, but a world away from its hustle and bustle. A perfect honeymoon hideaway. or a de-stressing beginning or ending to your holiday.

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Cinnamon Mount

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Cinnamon Mount   Child Friendly Cinnamon Mount   Swimming Pool Cinnamon Mount   Groups Welcomed Cinnamon Mount   Bird Watching Cinnamon Mount   Fine Dining

A working cinnamon estate enshrining 3 very different villas, from the immaculately restored, estate bungalow with its well-kept lawns, up to the elegant and spacious new villa set dramatically above the landscape.

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Cinnamon Wild

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Cinnamon Wild  Child Friendly Cinnamon Wild  Swimming Pool Cinnamon Wild  Beach Access Cinnamon Wild  Groups Welcomed Cinnamon Wild  Bird Watching

Perfect combination of jungle, beach and air-conditioned luxury chalets. Wide range of dining opportunities and good centre for local interests and animal safaris.

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Coco Tangalla

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Coco Tangalla  Swimming Pool Coco Tangalla  Beach Access Coco Tangalla  Groups Welcomed

Bijou Colonial beach house restored by British ex-pats. Tangalle's beaches and climate are the best in Sri Lanka.

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Coconut Grove

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Coconut Grove  Child Friendly Coconut Grove  Swimming Pool Coconut Grove  Bird Watching

Newly built 4 bedroomed house close to the beach on Sri Lanka's south coast; pool, garden and all modern facillities.

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Fort Printers

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Fort Printers  Swimming Pool Fort Printers  Groups Welcomed Fort Printers  Ayurveda Fort Printers  Fine Dining

Galle Fort
An 18th century villa in historic Galle Fort with a varied and interesting history. Reborn in 2002 as an elegant luxury villa and private retreat.

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Galle Henna Estate (Formerly Polheena Estate)

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Galle Henna Estate (Formerly Polheena Estate)  Child Friendly Galle Henna Estate (Formerly Polheena Estate)  Swimming Pool Galle Henna Estate (Formerly Polheena Estate)  Groups Welcomed Galle Henna Estate (Formerly Polheena Estate)  Bird Watching

Galle area
An elegant 5 bedroomed Manor House stylishly recreated on an old estate, one km from the beach, in tiered, walled gardens shaded by wonderful trees of mango, coconut and avocado. Luxurious accommodation and an attractive swimming pool.

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Habaraduwa House

Show hotel details for Habaraduwa House
Habaraduwa House  Child Friendly Habaraduwa House  Swimming Pool Habaraduwa House  Beach Access Habaraduwa House  Bird Watching

South Coast
The Indian Ocean rolls up to a wide sandy beach, just for you and yours. Many amenities are a short distance away and the picturesque stilt fishermen perch silently in the shallows nearby.

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If Villa

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If Villa  Child Friendly If Villa  Beach Access If Villa  Groups Welcomed If Villa  Ayurveda If Villa  Bird Watching

Possibly the best Villa on the South coast. Newly refurbished and set amongst two acres of beautiful gardens. Excellent local host and simple, flavoursome cuisine.

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Illuketia Villa

Show hotel details for Illuketia Villa
Illuketia Villa  Child Friendly Illuketia Villa  Beach Access Illuketia Villa  Groups Welcomed Illuketia Villa  Bird Watching Illuketia Villa  Fine Dining

A 16 acre secluded boutique resort, rich in plant and bird-life. Explore by bike or laze by the pools. Enjoy attention from your personal butler or wander into the kitchen for a lesson in Sri Lankan cuisine from the chef.

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Kahanda Kanda

Show hotel details for Kahanda Kanda
Kahanda Kanda  Swimming Pool Kahanda Kanda  Groups Welcomed Kahanda Kanda  Bird Watching

Boutique villa on ten acre working tea estate. Designer luxury amid the spectacular scenery of plantation, jungle and lake. On the doorstep of Galle's social scene.

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Show hotel details for Lansiya
Lansiya   Swimming Pool Lansiya   Beach Access Lansiya   Ayurveda Lansiya   Bird Watching

A relaxing retreat for true beach lovers who love the sound of the sea.

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Lighthouse Hotel & Spa

Show hotel details for Lighthouse Hotel & Spa
Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Child Friendly Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Swimming Pool Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Beach Access Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Groups Welcomed Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Ayurveda Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Fine Dining

Galle,  South Coast
Boutique hotel, now with superb spa, designed by acclaimed architect Geoffrey Bawa for a sensual experience beyond a mere holiday.

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Ocean View

Show hotel details for Ocean View
Ocean View  Child Friendly Ocean View  Beach Access Ocean View  Groups Welcomed Ocean View  Bird Watching

Galle Fort
Muslim family home recently up-dated for guests. Convenient, interesting location, adjacent to historic Galle Fort. Alcohol free zone but the stunning sunsets more than compensate.

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Palm Paradise Cabanas

Show hotel details for Palm Paradise Cabanas
Palm Paradise Cabanas  Child Friendly Palm Paradise Cabanas  Beach Access Palm Paradise Cabanas  Groups Welcomed Palm Paradise Cabanas  Ayurveda Palm Paradise Cabanas  Bird Watching

Simple, naturalistic stilt cabins looking sea-ward on a private beach. Flavourfull food with Sri Lankan bias but flexible to differing tastes. The best beaches and sunsets on Sri Lanka and excellent diving nearby.

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Palm Villa

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Palm Villa  Swimming Pool Palm Villa  Beach Access Palm Villa  Groups Welcomed

Peel back the centuries in this 300yr old house, lovingly restored to enjoy the best of the old and the new. Perfectly situated to enjoy historic Galle.

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Secret Garden

Show hotel details for Secret Garden
Secret Garden  Child Friendly Secret Garden  Beach Access Secret Garden  Groups Welcomed Secret Garden  Ayurveda Secret Garden  Bird Watching

As charming as the name, with particular interest for the yoga enthusiast. Buzzing location beyond the encircling walls, group/family friendly rooms; delicious dinners often with live music.

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Southpoint Abbey

Show hotel details for Southpoint Abbey
Southpoint Abbey  Child Friendly Southpoint Abbey  Swimming Pool Southpoint Abbey  Beach Access Southpoint Abbey  Groups Welcomed

Gracious 180yr old Sri Lankan beach home restored to offer 4 air conditioned bedrooms and comfortable living. Can be rented with South Point Villa for larger family groups.

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Southpoint Villa

Show hotel details for Southpoint Villa
Southpoint Villa  Child Friendly Southpoint Villa  Swimming Pool Southpoint Villa  Beach Access Southpoint Villa  Groups Welcomed Southpoint Villa  Ayurveda

Koggala,  South Coast
A spacious, comfortable boutique villa with all 'mod cons', indulgent staff and a most picturesque setting on an idyllic bay of Sri Lanka's South Coast. Complete freedom to eat, sleep, play or sightseeing when or where you please.

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Tamarind Hill

Show hotel details for Tamarind Hill
Tamarind Hill  Swimming Pool Tamarind Hill  Solo Traveller Tamarind Hill  Fine Dining Tamarind Hill  Child Friendly Tamarind Hill  Bird Watching Tamarind Hill  Ayurveda

The charm and elegance of a 19th century manor house brilliantly combined with 21st century expectations.

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Taprobane Island

Show hotel details for Taprobane Island
Taprobane Island  Swimming Pool Taprobane Island  Beach Access Taprobane Island  Groups Welcomed Taprobane Island  Ayurveda Taprobane Island  Bird Watching Taprobane Island  Fine Dining

Welligama Bay
A unique, special paradise for those wishing to "stop the world and get off", tell only your closest friends. A sought after photographic location and private boutique hideaway for that special celebration with a group of family or friends.

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Teak House

Show hotel details for Teak House
Teak House  Swimming Pool Teak House  Child Friendly Teak House  Beach Access

Bijou yet boutique teak villa in one and a half acre coconut plantation on Tangalle's stunning beach. Ideal for couples and small families wanting Robinson Crusoe experiences without any of the hardship.

More details on Teak House...

Thambapanni Retreat

Show hotel details for Thambapanni Retreat
Thambapanni Retreat  Child Friendly Thambapanni Retreat  Swimming Pool Thambapanni Retreat  Beach Access Thambapanni Retreat  Groups Welcomed Thambapanni Retreat  Ayurveda Thambapanni Retreat  Bird Watching

Unawatuna,  South Coast
A beach resort, spectacularly cut into a rock face and utilizing natural rock formations as "furniture". Regime tuned to health of mind and body with diet, spa, ayurveda, reiki, yoga and meditation to rejuvenate you.

More details on Thambapanni Retreat...

Thambili House

Show hotel details for Thambili House
Thambili House  Child Friendly Thambili House  Beach Access Thambili House  Groups Welcomed

Galle,  South Coast
An 18th century Dutch town house in historic Galle Fort. Excellent base for exploring the region but more the style of early morning power walks and romantic evening strolls than family 'sun and sand'.

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The Fortress

Show hotel details for The Fortress
The Fortress  Child Friendly The Fortress  Swimming Pool The Fortress  Beach Access The Fortress  Groups Welcomed The Fortress  Ayurveda The Fortress  Bird Watching The Fortress  Fine Dining

Funky - chic modernism with all the trappings of luxury; a merging of old Ceylon with modern Asia.

More details on The Fortress...

The Last House

Show hotel details for The Last House
The Last House  Child Friendly The Last House  Swimming Pool The Last House  Beach Access The Last House  Groups Welcomed The Last House  Ayurveda The Last House  Bird Watching The Last House  Fine Dining

Tangalle,  South Coast
Architect-designed villa on private, safe, Tangalle beach. Sea-views across the 2 acre garden, even from your bath. Chef prepares what & when you desire; superb for large group of family /friends. The last house of Geoffrey Bawa.

More details on The Last House...

The Sun and Dutch House

Show hotel details for The Sun and Dutch House
The Sun and Dutch House  Swimming Pool The Sun and Dutch House  Groups Welcomed The Sun and Dutch House  Ayurveda The Sun and Dutch House  Bird Watching The Sun and Dutch House  Fine Dining

Good residential location, overlooking the harbour. Superb service in spacious, beautifully designed garden suites. Tour the local sights in one of their chauffeur - driven vintage cars and know you are having the holiday of a lifetime.

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Victoria Villa

Show hotel details for Victoria Villa
Victoria Villa  Swimming Pool Victoria Villa  Groups Welcomed Victoria Villa  Fine Dining Victoria Villa  Child Friendly Victoria Villa  Beach Access

Thalpe,  South Coast
New beach-side villa in elegant colonial style. Convenient for historic Galle, snorkelling and Yala safaris.

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Villa Amandhira

Show hotel details for Villa Amandhira
Villa Amandhira  Swimming Pool Villa Amandhira  Child Friendly Villa Amandhira  Beach Access

Thalpe,  South Coast
A luxury 3 bedroom villa situated literally on the beach. Perfect for a large family of 06 people.

More details on Villa Amandhira...

Villa de Zoysa

Show hotel details for Villa de Zoysa
Villa de Zoysa  Beach Access Villa de Zoysa  Groups Welcomed Villa de Zoysa  Ayurveda Villa de Zoysa  Bird Watching

Relaxed, friendly heritage home welcoming students of yoga & ayurveda. Experienced teachers on hand for all levels of study. Simple accommodation but delicious vegetarian food. Ideal for solo traveller.

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